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Si vous voulez rejoindre l’équipe du Robotics Camp, envoyez-nous votre CV à Pour être sélectionné comme moniteur, il faut avoir au moins 18 ans, être inscrit au collège ou à l’université, et avoir de l’expérience auprès d’enfants. Un moniteur travaille 5 à 6 jours par semaine les premières 2 ou 3 semaines de juillet, et les premières 2 ou 3 semaines d’aout. Avant d’intégrer le Robotics Camp, un moniteur doit suivre la formation de Lego WeDo et EV3 Mindstorms, ainsi que suivre une journée de formation d’aide aux premiers secours.


Au Robotics Camp, tous nos moniteurs passent une formation de secourisme d’urgence. Certifié par Ambulance Saint-Jean ou la Fondation des maladies du coeur et de l’AVC, cette formation comprend des cours de prise en charge de situation d’urgence, état de choc, réanimation, et différents types de troubles médicaux.


Avelino Morais

Directeur du Camp

Director of the Robotics Camp, Avelino Morais, has a Bachelor of Arts, Specializing in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. He was awarded a three year grant from the Network of Innovative Schools Program of Canada in 2003. With this grant, he was able to purchase the equipment necessay to start a robotics and technology program at his school. At present, Mr. Morais teaches an intensive science and technology program at the senior elementary level.


Nicholas Kudo

Directeur du Camp

Counselor Nicholas Kudo is pursuing a Bachelor of Science at Concordia University in Exercise Science, specializing in Athletic Therapy. He has years of experience working with the Lego Mindstorms products and was a three time medalist at the Junior Robotics Competition. In addition, Nicholas was a former camper at Robotics Camp and a member of Mr. Morais' school robotics team.


Benjamin Shao


Counselor Benjamin Shao is currently studying Mechanical Engineering at McGill University with a minor in Technological Entrepreneurship. This will be his second year as a counselor. He also teaches alpine skiing to children of all ages as a ski instructor at Mont St-Bruno.


Vicky Leduc


Counselor Vicky Leduc is pursuing a Master's degree in teaching at McGill University. She just completed her first internship teaching Secondary English Language Arts and loved every minute of it! Vicky has experience working at different camps for ten years and is excited to join the Robotics Camp team!


Julianna Zelt


Counselor Julianna Zelt is in the final year of her Bachelor of Education in Secondary Science and Technologies at McGill University. She has experience guiding youth through design projects, and with discovery-based learning. Julianna has worked at a number of summer camps and looks forward to building robots with children.


Peter Maclean


Counselor Peter Maclean is currently pursuing a Master’s program at McGill to become a high school History teacher. Although he is new to robotics, he has some coding experience and is certainly no stranger to building things out of Lego and other materials. Peter has also been an English teacher in France and an assistant instructor for a bicycle-building youth camp in Toronto.


Benjamin Lusterio-Adler


Counselor Benjamin Lusterio-Adler is entering McGill's Mechanical Engineering program in the fall. A former captain and current mentor of his high school robotics team, Ben has seven years' experience working with students to build robots, and looks forward to meeting this year's campers.


Prathna Kanthasamy


Prathna Kanthasamy is currently doing a joint major in Mathematics and Computer science at McGill University. She has several years of volunteering experience as a camp counsellor at a bereavement camp and was nominated for the Prix Hommage Bénévolat Québec for her work.


Haley Brett


Haley Brett is studying creative writing at Concordia University. When she isn’t writing, she loves building things and working with kids. Before working for Robotics Camp, Haley has led and assisted with activities such as art, knitting, and woodworking for children.


Ellis Plant


Counselor Ellis Plant is going into grade 11 at St. George’s School of Montreal. He is planning on going into Mechanical Engineering in university. After eight years at the camp Ellis has gained a lot of experience in the programs and materials we use.


Dana Ryashy


Counselor Dana Ryashy is currently studying Applied Computer Science at University of Montreal. Passionate about LEGO and programming, she is excited to share those interests with the campers this summer.


Tritin Truong


Counselor Tritin Truong is currently studying Electrical Engineering at McGill University. He was a member of the Marianopolis Robotics team as their lead programmer and won first place in the programming competition. Tritin also has experience teaching robotics to children.


Abeer Sud


Counselor Abeer Sud is a second-year health science student at Marianopolis. He is passionate about helping others and has already volunteered at our camp. Abeer has an interest in robotics and programming. He has won two gold medals in Science Fairs, one for UI development.


Amanda Khabie


Counselor Amanda Khabie graduated from Dawson College with a degree in English Literature. She has several years of experience working with children of all ages as a camp counselor and tutor. Most recently, Amanda spent a couple of months abroad working on a teaching internship. She has many interests including physics, robotics and programming.


Edgar Jose Becerra Granados


Counselor Edgar José Becerra Granados is a student at F.A.C.E. high school of fine arts. This is Edgar's second year working at the robotics camp. Edgar is interested in pursuing a career in computer science and is already learning a few programming languages. Edgar also participated in two robotics competitions while in elementary school.

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